About Premonition:

Premonition.io is a fast-growing, Sydney-based logistics software startup that helps clients route and manage their operations in real-time. Users of the system range from commercial fleets to online retailers. At Premonition, we:

  • believe in entrusting employees with autonomy and investing in their growth;
  • value diversity and believe in being an equal opportunity employer


The SDM’s mission to reliably implement our solutions with clients as efficiently as possible. Client on-boarding success largely depends on the work and leadership of the SDM. As the facilitator of many parties the SDM is expected to engage substantially in direct conversations with client-side teams, including senior stakeholders, as well as support the internal teams by removing blockers and shielding them from any distractions.

Duties & responsibilities:

  • Overall accountability of solution delivery towards client specification and timelines
  • Lead collaboration with vendors and external teams to drive shared outcomes
  • Identify and map operational processes and data to facilitate system integrations
  • Plan and implement solutions including feature sets, resource requirements and timelines
  • Facilitate backlog prioritisation and release planning with relevant stakeholders
  • Identity delivery issues, disruptions and risks, formulate and deploy mitigation strategies, and escalate where necessary
  • Manage stakeholder expectations, from the most senior to the system end users
  • Encourage high standards of communication, ethics and change management approaches to maximise non-technical customer implementation success
  • Promote and coach the team, and client team where relevant, on agile delivery practices
  • Empower, motivate, lead and continuously develop a committed, high-performing team
  • Share insights from the field with internal teams to improve product and processes